Rafting in Georgia

Georgia is symbolized with ancient cities and snow-capped peaks of mountains; long sea coast, with a very picturesque landscape, and dense forests; mountain rivers and mineral springs; fertile valleys and deserts. Georgia conquers the hearts of all tourists, because everything is unique in this very beautiful country. Fast rivers, mountain streams are excellent places for rafting! Rafting in Georgia will appeal for either advanced rafters or beginners. The rafting season here lasts from the end of April to October. Active rest in Georgia will give you an unforgettable experience. Why do you need to choose a rafting tour in Georgia? … Continue reading

Via Ferrata routes in Europe

What does «Via Ferrata» mean? The term “via ferrata” is translated from the Italian and means “iron track”. In fact, this is one of the types of mountaineering. It got its name, precisely because of safety ropes, metal braces fixed in the rock, cable crossings and bridges, making the movement along seemingly unassailable rocks – accessible even for those who have never tried themselves in the role as a climber. Along all the such area, there is a safety rope or chain, fixed by steel anchors at a certain distance from each other. Additional options are leg restraints in the … Continue reading

Tours to Georgia

Why Georgia? Welcome to Georgia! It is a great opportunity to move from computer or laptop screens to the world of marvelous country by visiting tours to Georgia! This magical and colourful world is located in the central and western part of Transcaucasia. In the West it is surrounded by the Black sea, it borders with Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia. The capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, is a magnificent city that is famous for its beauty and infinite tourist attractions! If you look at night Tbilisi, your head will be turned by those vivid lights for several minutes! There are … Continue reading

Hiking in Georgia

Hiking in Georgia is an active way of getting to know the country. At present modern life makes it possible for people to rest a lot. Nowadays household routines are done by pressing the button, and people don’t have to go to work. It is necessary to have an active rest as many of us work at home sitting at our computers. Mix successfully business with pleasure you can by choosing hiking in Georgia. It is also useful to give no reasons to hypodynamia and also depressed emotional state. What have we to do? Even ancient Romans knew that usual … Continue reading

Where the ski instructor skiis in Carpathians

Skiing in Carpathians has always been an іntegral part of Ukrainian winter recreation. It may be a downhill skiing or a ski tour. Each option has it’s own audience of lovers. Downhill skiing Last years this kind of recreations gathers more and more popularity. The main reason for this is in openness to freshmen, because a previous expirience is not required. Besides, a lot of ski resorts have developed in Carpathians during a short period of time. Though, potential visitors are drawn to this area. The most popular winter tours are those wich include recreation in a downhill ski resorts. … Continue reading

Tours to Georgia: skiing in Gudauri

Tours to Georgia include a lot of interesting activities, among them are: rafting in Georgia, trekking tours, excursions and skiing. Their popularity is caused by the attraction of Caucasus Mountains. In summer, the unforgettable impressions you can get in trekking tour in Georgia; in winter, the most popular are ski tours, for sure. Lets examine some of the winter kinds of recreation in Georgia and its’ most popular ski resorts. Ski resort Gudauri One of the most popular ski resorts of Georgia is Gudauri. It is located on the southern slopes of the Grater Caucasus Chain 120 km far from … Continue reading

Tours in Georgia: trekking in Svaneti

Trekking in Caucasus Mountains differs from the one in the  Carpathians. This is caused by the difference of mountain systems, first of all. Mountains of Caucasus are higher, covered with glacier, with rocky peaks. Trekking there can be either rather easy or complicated. To take part in some easy tour in Caucasus the special mountaineering experience are not required. However, the experience of some trekking tours is advisable. Georgian Caucasus One of the most picturesque parts of Caucasus is its’ Georgian part, which is extremely popular within tourists by mountain region of Svaneti. It is located on the southern slopes … Continue reading

Rafting in the Carpathians: thing to remember

Spring in the Carpathians – is a special season. In the mountains the snow can stay till May, in some places even longer. As it has been accumulated during the whole winter, it melts for several months. During that period all the rivers fed by melted snow flow their rapid streams widening downward from the sources. At that period, at the end of April and beginning of May, all the funs of exciting rafting gather on the Black Cheremosh banks in the deep Carpathians.

Reminders: not to forget for the floating by the Dniester

Talking about the recreation in Ukraine, it’s worth to mention floating by the Dniester River, that can last for one day or for few weeks. All the water tours organized by different tour operators usually include some sightseeing, field kitchen, overnights in tents and floating itself. To realize such program special equipment is demanded. For sure, the organizer of the floating by the Dniester tour must have all the necessary stuff. What does the stuff list include?

Maniavsky Cell

In Ukraine cave cells-monasteries date back to the times of Yaroslav the Wise. In the second half of the 13 th century monks, the preachers of Christianity, came to the Maniavski Mountains. They founded a monastery here. The walls of the monastery are peculiar pages of its history, which is rich in legends and tradi­tional stories. Almost every icon, every stone has its prehistory, its magic and miraculous power. The tower-treasury, the Church of St. Borys and St. Glib, the underground Church of Archangel Michael are kept on the territory of the Monastery. There is a wonder-working icon of God’s … Continue reading