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Kazbek is a mountain peak in the east of Georgia which inspired many travelers and writers. At the beginnig, fans of mountain hikes who willing to hike through the Caucasus Mountains put the eye on Elbrus, but in the end they choose a tour to Kazbek. Both of them are five thousand meters high, which causes the natural desire of all experienced tourists to climbe them. Recently trekking around the Caucasus mountains are very popular. But if earlier tourists often choose tours to Elbrus (5633 m), now their interest arise to tours to Kazbek (5033 m).

The main role in this situation was played by the political situation and the insecurity of ascents in the Russian Caucasus. You are advised to start with trekking to Kazbek since this peak isn’t much lower than Elbrus and you are going to experience the same thrill along the way. There are also a bunch of beautiful views, dangerous glaciers and of course the mountain height which catching the breath. Kazbek, by the way, is an ancient volcano. Now he’s asleep. So do not disturb the sleeping giant. And by the way, Kazbek is ancient sleeping volcano. Be careful and don’t disturb this sleeping giant.

The ascent to Kazbek usually lasts 7-9 days. Often a well-planned route has an additional day in case of possible bad weather. The path begins from a small village of Stepantsminda or Kazbegi. On the way, you will definitely visit the Gergeti Trinity Church, spend the night in an old weather station and cross the famous glacier Gergeti. When you decide to choose a tour to Kazbek you should remember that it isn’t an easy thing. The ascent is organized as an expedition so you are expected to fold your tent, carry a backpack and prepare the food for yourself.

The weather could be quite nasty with snow, wind and night temperature which can drop to minus five degrees Celsius. In short, if you have the previous experience of mountain trekking you definitely should go to Kazbek. But on other hand, If you didn’t participate in mountain hikes before, and especially in mountain hikes in the winter, it is hardly worth to start with a tour of the Caucasus. The Caucasian mountains are harsh, like the dwellers on the mountain-heights. They do not favor the weak and untrained persons. If you are new to hiking in the mountains, but really want to go on a mountain hike in the Caucasus you are recommended to start with a tour of Svaneti. Hiking in Svaneti isn’t less beautiful, but more safe.

If you already had a look at the prices for the tour to Kazbek and choose a tour which you prefer to order we would like to extend our congratulations to you. You will not regret. You will gain a new experience at high altitude and increase your climbing level.  After the ascent to Kazbek you will be ready to peak climbing in Nepal, Andes, and Cordilleras.

By the way, dont forget about next mountain equipment. Even if all rout going to be without sheer cliffs, you still need to have the ice axes, crampons and helmets. We truly recommended you to take time to collect a propriate mountain equipment.

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