Rafting in Georgia

Georgia is symbolized with ancient cities and snow-capped peaks of mountains; long sea coast, with a very picturesque landscape, and dense forests; mountain rivers and mineral springs; fertile valleys and deserts.
Georgia conquers the hearts of all tourists, because everything is unique in this very beautiful country. Fast rivers, mountain streams are excellent places for rafting! Rafting in Georgia will appeal for either advanced rafters or beginners. The rafting season here lasts from the end of April to October. Active rest in Georgia will give you an unforgettable experience.

Why do you need to choose a rafting tour in Georgia?

The reasons, why Pearl of the Caucasus will be the best choice for fans of extreme travel on mountain rivers are the following:

  • rafting in Georgia is possible not only in the summer, but also in spring and autumn.
  • rafting tours to Georgia can be the most diverse in the level of their extreme. For the first rafting, the rapids of the Aragvi and Kura rivers are appropriate, and experienced participants can choose Rioni or Tkenniscali rivers. There are several routes from 1 to 4 categories of complexity in each river.
  • rafting in Georgia is different in duration. It is possible to order a tour where the rafting will pass in several stages and conquest of all rapids can take from 2-3 hours to several days.
    In one word, there are so many possible options that you can easily organize your extreme rest.

More about Georgia’s rivers

Aragvi is a mountain river in the eastern part of Georgia. It flows through picturesque forest canyons and flows into the Zhinvali reservoir. It is hard to believe, but the water in the Zhinvali reservoir has got a turquoise colour! Easy routes along the Pshavian or Mtiulet Aragvi do not require special physical training, they are allowed even for teenagers. The distance of the routes is up to 15 km, duration is 1.5 hours.
Rafting on the Rioni River covers a distance of 8 km. The complexity of this route depends on the season and weather conditions. Rioni is a wide-water and powerful river, so rafting on kayaks is dangerous, rafting on canoes and inflatable boats can only be descended in the spring and autumn. Rioni rafting will impress you with beautiful mountain landscapes.
The next main river of Georgia is Inguri. It can rightly be called the most beautiful Caucasian river, its waters originate from the glaciers of the Greater Caucasus, and they are flowing through the territory of Abkhazia and Georgia. The rafters enjoy Inguri river for Svaneti hollow, for narrow mountain gorges in Jvari, deaf canyons, a cascade of rapids near Khaishi, unusually azure water and unforgettable impressions. The Inguri route is divided into several sections, depending on the complexity of the rafting.
Rafting in Tskhenistskali is an excellent adventure for fans of crazy rafting. A riotous river has stones, logs and barrels. The explosion of emotions and the charge of pure adrenaline are guaranteed to you!
In addition to white water rafting, you can try a rich excursion program, beach holidays, hiking and biking tours. We offer our tourists excursions to historical monuments of Georgia, visiting rock monasteries, ancient settlements, ancient fortresses and sightseeing tour. The abundance of Georgian wines and dishes of national cuisine will perfectly complement your holiday!

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