Tours to Turkey

Hiking tours to Turkey is a way to see not only famous Turkish white sand beaches and five-star hotels. In fact, Turkey is much more beautiful. It is mountainous by 70%, blossoming by 100% and special by 80%. Try to compare prices for a passive holiday on Turkish beaches and prices for hiking in Turkey. The last one will save you a lot of dollars. And according to the brightness and quantity of views, tours to Turkey will surely hold the palm of leadership.

Prices for hiking tours to Turkey depend on many factors. The main are the tour operator and the preliminary order. By the way, why is good to order the hiking tours to the Turkish mountains, because there is a very low probability that the tour will be canceled. So, the problems with possible taken, but no longer necessary tickets for the plane are virtually excluded.

Prices for tours to Turkey are also very dependent on the set of services. We strongly advise here, as with the acquisition of tours to Turkish hotels, not to leave a field for activity and to take all inclusive. Let your operator think how to solve the problem with transfer, accommodation, meals, and other trivia. You just need to take money for unplanned expenses. A good tour operator will let you know how much to focus on additional payment and what to buy for hiking tours.

You need to book tours to Turkey, according to your purpose. If you are a beginner, consider about Cappadocia. The route is very easy and very picturesque. The route to the Cappadocia often foresees accommodation in hotels, not in the tents. So it’s more like an excursion tour around Turkey.

There is a variant of trekking along the Mediterranean Sea. This is extra light hike, full of bathing, sun, laughter and entertainment. It will be an excellent solution for those, who do not feel the strength for a real hike in Turkey, who wants to spend time near the sea and take children with you.

But the most popular is a tour by Lycian way – an ancient trade route stretching for about five hundred kilometers. Of course, the route of this mountain hike in Turkey does not foresee the passage of all half a thousand kilometers. As a rule, the duration of this route is 123 kilometers. This is the most picturesque and bright part of the whole Lycian way. In the hiking route along the mountain trails of Turkey you will see high mountains, deep canyons, azure coves and taste delicious fruits on the way just from the trees.

The route is very difficult, although there are differences of heights up to 800 meters. Although mountain hikes to Turkey lead mainly in autumn and spring, bud the sun will not be cancelled. You need to be prepared for not very benevolent insects, especially scolopendras and scorpions, as well as strict views of local Muslim residents. So we strongly recommend closed and light clothes – shirts, trousers, T-shirts.
Basically – the Internet will help you. But it is very worthwhile to look for attractive offers for active rest in Turkey. See this amazing country for real.

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