Climbing on Tahtala

The Tahtalı Mountain (Olympus) is the highest point of the Lucian trail (2365 m). Located almost at the end of the route, this mountain is the one of the goals of the trek.
The pointed peak of the mountain for most of the year is covered with a dense snow cap, which gives it a special charm. Dense snow drifts appear on the Takhtali in the autumn and remain until the beginning of summer. So, when you are planning an ascent to Tahtali in April-May, prepare yourself properly. You can not only meet snowfields lefted from winter, but also the probability of catching a snowstorm is high enough too.

The way to the snowy top of Tahtali.

Lycian trail is one of the most popular routes in Turkey and will lead you to a height of 1811 meters. If you are willing to get close to the snow top of Tahtali, you will have to conquer another 554 meters of rocky slope at a refreshing temperature and inhaling the rarified, mountain air.

People who are accustomed to the difficulties of hiking will like such type of ascent.  For the rest of you will fit the “Olympos Teleferik” cable car which lay straight on the spiky peak of Tahtali (Turkey). With the help of the cable car anyone can climb the mountain almost from the sea level (the second station is not far away from Kemer). This traditional vehicle for mountainous areas was opened in 2007 and made the already attractive peak of the Turkish Riviera even more popular. It is also worth to say that the cable station slightly spoils the surrounding view by closing the landscapes of the north of the summit from the climbers. As a result, Adrasan, Cirali and Olympos village are visible from here, but the further part of the route isn’t. The Turks, by the way, say that this ropeway is the longest in the world. It’s not exactly like this, their ropeway just a long one but there are more longer ones in the world.

Climbing Tahtalı

The main attraction of Tahtali is the Sunny terrace from where opens a 360 ° panorama: stunningly beautiful protected areas, many kilometers of green landscapes, inaccessible peaks of the Taurus mountains, sun-beaten rocky slopes of Takhtali, diluted with emerald islets of forests, ravines and canyons, serpentine mountain roads and charmingly beautiful The Mediterranean Sea. The survey which is over 100 km covering all coastal resorts from Finike to Side.

On the observation platform snow lies even in mid-August. The temperature of the air at the top fluctuates around 8-10 degrees of heat and the difference is about 20 degrees Celsius, so before getting up it is necessary to stock up on warm clothing. In a hot period such a refreshing trip can provides a real pleasure. In 10 minutes from a hot summer you are transferred to a snowy and foggy winter. By the way, about fogs, sometimes they cover the mountain even in the daytime and close grandiose views on the coast.

While hiking in Turkey you can visit the cloister of the ancient gods, feel at the “top of the world” and enjoy the divine views of the surrounding area.

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