Equipment rentals

General equipment

  • A sleeping bag and a mat

    – this set consists of a mat and a sleeping bag with a clean insert. Sleeping bags temperature meets the offseason requirements. Touristic mat of Izhevsk type is for thermal insulation.
    Price: 1-4 days – 2 $ per day // 1-8 days – 1.5 $ per day // more than 8 days – 1.25 $ per day

  • A backpack

    Backpacks are sewn specially for our hire. Capacity – 80 liters, weight – 2.5 kg, they are simple, reliable and easy to use.
    Price: 1-4 days – 2 $ per day // 1-8 days – 1.5 $ per day // more than 8 days – 1.25 $ per day

  • Gaiters

    Prevent ingress of snow into boots, covering shoes tightly. We offer reliable and simple model without lightning and additional controls (pay only for day they are used).
    Price: 1 $ per day

  • Water- and windproof gloves/mitten covers

    These are mittens with thin fabric that are water- and windproof. They are comfortable to wear over usual winter gloves to keep warm and do get wet. Also, these mittens prevent ingress of snow into the jacket sleeves. Use only with the inner glove (pay only for day they are used).
    Price: 1 $ per day

Rafting equipment

  • Wetsuit

    3 mm neoprene keeps you warm. The wetsuit is sleeveless not to restrict movements. Different sizes (S – XL) are available. Wear over the underwear and a T-shirt. In spring or during cold rains it is useful to have a rubberized jacket over it.
    Price: 8 $ per day

  • Waterproof socks

    5 mm thick elastic neoprene keeps your feet warm. Different sizes (37 – 45) are available. Wear thin socks a bit larger than normal size.
    Price: 4 $ per day

  • Waterproof gloves

    Neoprene gloves prevent hands from cold and save from minor scratches. Any thin gloves can be used instead as well.
    Price: 4 $ per day

Climbing mountains equipment to hire

We offer a basic set of basic quality at the lowest price. It is clear that modern specialized equipment is more convenient and reliable to use. However, the supplied equipment allows you to climb safely with minimal expenses.
If you are sure you will go to similar tours in the future, it is good to buy your own set of equipment, or at least part of it. First of all we recommend buying: a climbing harness, crampons, carabiners, a Prusik, an ice ax (in the same order of priority).

  • Carabiners

    Of Iremenel type
    Price: 8 $ per day

  • Crampons

    With the straps
    Price: 8 $ per day

  • Prusik

    A piece of rope with a diameter of 6-8 mm and a length of 1 m
    Price: 2 $ per day

  • Ice axes

    of Soviet type. With a long bayonet and a lanyard
    Price: 4 $ per day

  • Self-belaying system

    A parachute cord, made of a 10 mm rope
    Price: 2 $ per day

  • Lower belaying system

    Travel Extrim type
    Price: 8 $ per day

To hire equipment inform our manager of order in advance, no later than 20 days before the tour. Participants who do not have those items will not be able to climb during the tour.

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