Hiking in Bulgaria: on mountain peaks to glacial lakes

What do you know about Bulgaria? Sunny country, gentle sea, sandy beaches. And if you look closely? Rich history, colorful culture and unique climate. And, of course, rocky mountains, mirror lakes, mysterious caves!
Trekking in Bulgaria passes through the famous national parks Pirin and Rilla, among rocky canyons, pine forests and waterfalls.

In the tour:
• The most beautiful mountain ranges of Rilla and Pirin,
• The highest mountain of the Balkan Peninsula is Musala (2925 m),
• The famous Rila lakes, water bodies, the peaks of Vihren and Kutelev,
• An interesting company and new impressions.

Rilla tour: fountain-geyser, Seven Lakes and Mount Musala

Rill’s campaign starts from the village Saperova Banya. This resort town is known for its hot fountain-geyser. From there the path starts to the Seven Lakes, stop at the waterfall Skakavica (height 70 m).
Then we go to the mountains. At an altitude of 2000 m the famous Sedemte lake is will be waiting for us. The Rill mountain range is an incredibly beautiful ensemble, where seven glacial lakes are located at different heights. Rila lakes are considered a holy place. Here we will meet pilgrims from all over the world. For a day we will pass 13 km, and we will stop in a hut Ivan Vazov.
We pass along the crest of the ridge, and we will cross the whole series of Rila peaks: Damga, Dodov, Malyovitsa. There is Rila Monastery down in the valley, and on the horizon – Mount Musala (2925 m).
We will hike nearby Lake Strashnoto. In cloudy weather, it is really scary because of the harsh rocks, and in the good weather you can swim in the clear water of a mountain lake.
We will conquer the highest peak of the Balkans, Mount Musala. Local residents say that in clear weather from Mount Allah (so-called mountain in the times of the Ottoman Empire), you can see the Mediterranean Sea.

Hiking to Pirin: to the top of the storms

In the past, the Pirin mountain range was called the top of the storms. Vihren mountain can make you nervous, as you have to jump on the hills, wander through the swamps and pass through the fog.
We will climb the swampy paths to the Begovishka Pass, and to Kamenitsu Kukla, admire the lakes. We will spend the night right on the shore of picturesque lakes.
On the route – descent through the Bashlai pass to Lake Dolgoto, ascent to the Kabata. We will conquer the peak Vihren, 2914m. The mountain is a huge stone block, at its top edelweiss grows. There are many caves and grottoes in the vicinity.

Trekking to the Bulgarian mountains will not pass without natural surprises. Pines and stone placers, as if in the Ukrainian Gorgans, a changeable wind will make you change clothes several times, mountain goats are wandering around the passes, and horses are grazing in the polonies.
See you in Bulgaria!

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