Hiking in Georgia


Hiking in Georgia is an active way of getting to know the country. At present modern life makes it possible for people to rest a lot. Nowadays household routines are done by pressing the button, and people don’t have to go to work. It is necessary to have an active rest as many of us work at home sitting at our computers. Mix successfully business with pleasure you can by choosing hiking in Georgia. It is also useful to give no reasons to hypodynamia and also depressed emotional state. What have we to do? Even ancient Romans knew that usual walking had a positive influence on a feeling and improves mood. Faster pack up your things for hiking in Georgia!

What you can change while walking:

  • improve blood circulation and heart work
  • train musculoskeletal system
  • strengthen muscles
  • get rid of extra weight
  • secrete endorphins – hormones of joy

Choosing the trail

The ideal place for hiking is Georgia! This miraculous country is famous for sociable people, splendid traditions and impressive mountain landscapes. Here active travelling successfully combines with calm and measured rest on the beach. Would you like to spend an unforgettable rest in Georgia? In that case pack your things for hiking! You will get a lot of impressions, get to know much new and see magnificent landscapes.

Climbing Kazbek

Is special training required?!

There are different tours to Georgia, depending on people with climbing experience or without it. Hiking trails are developed for ordinary people, so special training courses are not compulsory to attend. Central purpose of tour is to leave an urban bustle and switch over to the world of nature, plants and animals. It helps to discover much new for yourself and reconsider the values of own life. There is no current technology and wi-fi, so nothing will distract and take your time uselessly.

If you go on hiking tour at first, it is very important that its organization goes on high level. The ideal variant is to register for the tours to Georgia in the group of tourists. An experienced instructor could perfectly organize the hiking according to the rules. Above all, you have to trust your instructor entirely and obey his requests.

Peculiarities of hiking

The organization of tours goes on the highest level, that’s why you shouldn’t worry about it. Experienced guides will always help at difficult moment and won’t be confused in extreme situation. The best period for hiking in the mountains is September. The exact set of necessary things you can find out at tour organizer.


  • active and emotional rest
  • incredible landscapes, sunsets, sunrises
  • Georgian cuisine, cooking on a fire
  • overnight staying in tents
  • night gatherings at camp fire
  • new acquaintances and friends
  • experiences for all life.

It’s a golden opportunity to relax your body and soul. So, maybe it’s right time to pack up your things?!


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