Koprucay river rafting in Turkey

Rafting on the mountain rivers of Turkey becomes more and more popular. It is chosen both by those who has already tried the quiet Dniester river rafting and who has fused loud spring Cheremosh, and even those who reached 4 and 5 levels on rafting in Kareliya. In Koprucay river rafting level is from 1 to 3, but everybody comes back satisfied.

The Koprucay river, on which rafting in Turkey takes place, begins in the Taurus mountains. Its channel passes through lots of abrupt gorges and canyons before it joins Mediterranean sea to the south from the Serik village, which is situated in Antalya province.

The river flows on the territory of the picturesque Koprulu Canyon National Park. Its total territory is 36 thousand hectares. As it is a national park, here you will see both the Mediterranean cypress, red and black pines, old cedars and oaks. The fallow deer, a wild goat, a wild boar, a bear, a wolf, a fox, a hare, and also various kinds of birds are found in the park. In reservoirs there is a trout and a mullet. In the park you’ll be able to see theatre ruins, city walls, and the Temple of Zeus, and also the well-known “curved” bridge Oluk, the exploit of engineering thought it was built at times when the Roman colonization of Asia Minor took place.

Actually, the rafting program on the Koprucay river starts not far from this bridge, where the river spreads, forming some sort of pool. It is very convenient, because instructors have time to teach beginners to row, explain rafting rules and to estimate their general level. The first kilometers of rafting are quiet and easy enough. Thresholds, sharp turns and different cheerful surprises begin after that. The instructor will advise you where it is possible to swim, and where you’ll be able jump from a rock into the water.

Rafting on the Turkish rivers takes place in summer. But the rivers are mountainous, so the water could be very warm on the sun or freezing in a shade. Even if you have a rafting experience on the mountain rivers, it is better not go into the river without the guide’s permission or consultation. Though skilled tourists confirm in one voice that rafting in Turkey is absolutely safe. Both beginners and skilled professionals, men and women, physically strong people and office workers, who don’t get used to physical activities can go rafting.

The prices for rafting in Turkey are very different. They depend both on the operator, the duration and the program, and on a set of accompanying services. But as you have arrived to Turkey to have a rest, and Turkish mountain river rafting takes place on the territory of national park, by the mountain streamer and delightful nature, don’t be tight-fisted. Get a full set of services and take pleasure of precious leisure time going Koprucay river rafting in Turkey.

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