Rafting in the Carpathians: thing to remember

Spring in the Carpathians – is a special season. In the mountains the snow can stay till May, in some places even longer. As it has been accumulated during the whole winter, it melts for several months. During that period all the rivers fed by melted snow flow their rapid streams widening downward from the sources. At that period, at the end of April and beginning of May, all the funs of exciting rafting gather on the Black Cheremosh banks in the deep Carpathians.

Rafting on the Cheremosh River


Rafting on the canoes and catamarans had become traditional annual event, taking place each spring on the Cheremosh River. Every year tourists from all over Ukraine and neighbor countries come there to pass the rapids of the river, which are the most extreme and exciting at that time. Rafting on the Black Cheremosh is available for both experienced tourists and for the beginners. For sure, the beginners will need an instructor, as rafting demands special knowledge and skills

Program of rafting can be different. Most popular are short routes on the most interesting part of the river. You can pass those rapids few times a day. There are also long trips for several days, but they suit better the experienced tourists.

If you plan to spend vacations in the Carpathians and include rafting on the canoes, you may order a rafting-tour. It will include nutrition and accommodation in the rafting camp, and for sure, the rafting itself. The program can also include some trekking or excursions. For example, programs for 3 days and more often contain one day of trekking to the top of the Pip Ivan Mount and to the ruins of old Polish Observatory on its peak, known as White Elephant.

What stuff will you need?

rafting stuff3

Going on Cheremosh important is to take all the necessary stuff. First of all, it is clothes for rafting itself. Among them are:

  • wetsuit;
  • T-shirt or swimming suit to wear under the wet suit;
  • neoprene wet socks;
  • neoprene gloves;
  • shoes (sneakers or sandals);
  • waterproof suit or jacket.

If you lack some things of the list, you may rent it in the rafting camp. Note, that all the underwear will be also wet, so you’ll need spare set of clothes

No less important are things for camping. They are:

  • shorts and trousers;
  • T-shirt and turtleneck;
  • warm sweater and jacket for evenings;
  • raincoat;
  • sneakers, sandals (shoes, taken on rafting will be wet as well);
  • hat or a cap;
  • linen changing, socks.


If the program of the tour includes trekking to the Pip Ivan Mount, consider that it is still snow on the peaks in April – May. That’s why you’ll need:

  • shoes, special trekking shoes with solid sole are preferable;
  • gaiters to prevent snow from the shoes;
  • thermal underwear or warm underpants;
  • trousers to protect of wind;
  • polar fleece sweater or turtleneck;
  • windbreaker or raincoat;
  • hat or bandana;
  • gloves, which material prevent snow sticking;
  • warm jacket;
  • you may take a balaclava to protect face of wind and frost or sunglasses if desirable .

Actually, to collect all the things for the trip to Cheremosh in spring is not so difficult. All you need is to know the program and consider the features of spring rafting. It is worth to remember, that properly prepared stuff will make your vacations in the Carpathians more comfortable and pleasant.

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