Romanian Carpathians

Romania is a small part of the Balkans, a bit lost and so modest among tourist giant countries. But how much romance, mysticism, Medieval, unknown and fabulous it has!

Active rest in the Romanian Carpathians – following the footsteps of the Teutonic Knights and Count Dracula

The mountains in Transylvania are higher and rockier than in their neighbors, Ukrainian Carpathians. The trekking through the Romanian Carpathians is interesting, dynamic, and quite simple, does not require special equipment and sports training, and will suit even for beginners. And unique landscapes and exciting holidays will be remembered for a long time by both beginners and experienced hikers.

Tour to the Romanian Carpathians lasts 9 days, the length of the walking route is 20 km.

Our Tourist Club:
• Provides participants with general equipment, tents, backpacks, sleeping sets, etc.,
• According to the program of hikes, provides a transfer, organizes meals, etc.,
• All tourists get insurance,
• Experienced instructors work on the routes.

The path starts from village Sâmbăta de Sus. Our first distance is about 7 km, along the Sâmbăta river to the hermit’s cave Arseniy.
In the program of the itinerary: Lake Galasсcului and Mount Moldovianu (2,544 m), the peaks of Korabia and Podragu. We will get to the hut-cafe on the steep mountain slopes, admire the Romanian landscapes and break the camp at the lake Podul Dzhyurdzhiuluy. We’ll make a fire and listen to stories about horrible vampires. And in the morning our bus will take us along Transfagarash highway, which is the famous mountain serpentine.
Mount Moldovyanu is located in the very center of the country. From its peak (2,544 m) offers a stunning view of the Carpathians, spiky ridges alternate with flat plains, and the slopes are covered with green needles.
The paths of our route are well marked and diverse. We’ll loop, climb the pass, go down, jump from stone to stone and climb.
At the request of the participants, trekking in Romania can be diversified with trips to Varna. We also can spend time by swimming in the Black Sea and luxuriating in the comfortable Bulgarian beaches.
Interesting sightseeing tours of Bucharest, the Romanian capital, the historic city of Brasov, which was also called Kronstadt.

Active leisure in Romania is alternated with fascinating walks along Sighisoara, where in the 15th century the Count Vlad Dracul himself minted royal coins. In Turda, we’ll see the salt mines, we’ll go down to the oldest salt mine in Europe.
Join to our active tour to Romanian Carpathians!

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