Trekking to the Gorgany mountains – a choice of instructors

One of the most mysterious mountain massifs of the Ukrainian Carpathians is Gorgany. They stretch from the northern-west to the southern-east with a stripe 70 km long and 40 km wide. The massif is located in the territory of the Transcarpathian and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. Steep asymmetric slopes are typical for Gorgany, as well as sharp ridges and scree of rocks that covers the peaks.

Preserves in Western Ukraine

BIOSPHERE Karpats’kyi (Carpathian) The preserve was established in 1968 on the area of 12,600 ha to protect the original beauty of the unique mountain scenery of the Ukrainian Carpathians. In 1992 it got the status of a biosphere preserve. At present it has an area of 57,880 ha and comprises six isolated massifs – the Chornohora, Uhors’ko-Shyrokoluzhans’kyi, Svydovets’kyi, Kuziis’kyi, Marmaros’kyi, and Dolyna Nartsysiv (the Valley of Narcissi), as well as botanical re­serves of the national status – Choma Hora and Yulivs’ka Hora. The reserved massifs are situated at the heights from 180 to 2,061 m above sea level in the western, … Continue reading