Ivano-Frankivs’k The city under the name of Stanislaviv was founded by Polish magnate A. Potocki more than 300 years ago as a fortress to protect the population from the attacks of Turkish-Tatar invaders. It is first mentioned in historical chronicles in 1662. In 1962 it was renamed in honour of great Ukrainian writer Ivan Franko whose monument was set up in the city.

Interesting places of Prykarpatia

Many people want to spend time outdoors. Their wish is wise and pragmatic because only in the surrounding of forests and woods or near a river or lake you can feel yourself as a part of nature unlike being in the vice of a metropolis. For plainsmen, mountains (especially the Carpathian Mountains) can be more desirable and interesting than other kinds of nature. Recently, the flow of people who want to spend their vacation, or at least the weekend here, has become more increased because a journey to the area of the Chornogirsky Mountain Range or the Gorgany Mountains passes … Continue reading