Koprucay river rafting in Turkey

Rafting on the mountain rivers of Turkey becomes more and more popular. It is chosen both by those who has already tried the quiet Dniester river rafting and who has fused loud spring Cheremosh, and even those who reached 4 and 5 levels on rafting in Kareliya. In Koprucay river rafting level is from 1 to 3, but everybody comes back satisfied. The Koprucay river, on which rafting in Turkey takes place, begins in the Taurus mountains. Its channel passes through lots of abrupt gorges and canyons before it joins Mediterranean sea to the south from the Serik village, which … Continue reading

Why rafting on the Black Cheremosh River is more exciting than one on the Southern Bugh

Rafting on the Black Cheremosh is more extreme and exciting then, for example, rafting on the Southern Bugh. Although both rivers have rapids, the difference is obvious. The Black Cheremosh River is a mountain river and the Southern Bugh is plain one. The Black Cheremosh originates on the border between Ukraine and Romania in Chyvchynsky Mountains, 1680 meters high above the sea level. The White Cheremosh flows into the Black Cheremosh near Usteriky village, creating a river known as Cheremosh. The main sources of the river are rainfalls and melted snow.