Tours in Georgia: trekking in Svaneti

Trekking in Caucasus Mountains differs from the one in the  Carpathians. This is caused by the difference of mountain systems, first of all. Mountains of Caucasus are higher, covered with glacier, with rocky peaks. Trekking there can be either rather easy or complicated. To take part in some easy tour in Caucasus the special mountaineering experience are not required. However, the experience of some trekking tours is advisable.

Georgian Caucasus


One of the most picturesque parts of Caucasus is its’ Georgian part, which is extremely popular within tourists by mountain region of Svaneti. It is located on the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus in the northwestern part of Georgia. Tours to Svaneti are especially attractive offer for our compatriots, as Ukrainians can profit the visa free regime with Georgia. Why not take a chance to visit those marvelous places? Moreover, the cost of trekking in Svaneti does not exceed prices for any other tours abroad.

Mountains of Svaneti

The mountains in Svaneti attract with their pointed peaks covered with glacier. Some of them are hard to reach and dangerous for climbing. One of the most difficult for climbing peak in the world is Ushba (4690 meters), according to the mountaineering classification of mountains complexity Ushba has the fifth – the highest category. Its’ mighty, pointed, covered with snow peak and steep cliffs please the eye of traveler in Svaneti.


Much easier and more accessible is the highest peak of Svaneti Chain – Laila Mountain (4008 meters). The beginning of the climbing route goes plain through the meadow land which slowly changes to glacier. Along the route there are cracks in the glacier, so you’ll need to make big hooks to bypass. Climbing Laila is a great opportunity to get experience moving from easy trekking to more difficult mountaineering.

Mestia – the heart of Svaneti


One of the picturesque places, associated with Georgia and inherent from Svaneti – is Mestia town, which situates on the 1500 meters above sea level. It is original, historical and cultural center of Svaneti and is one of the most mysterious areas of Georgia. Due to its’ inaccessibile location, it saved a lot of architectural monuments of the Middle Ages. Here begins several routes to the Ushba Mountain, Dzhanghi-Tau, Shkhara, Chalaadi Glacier and Koruldi Lake. Therefore, trekking in Mestia is very popular and common activity.


Svaneti – is an unrivaled place on the Earth, which conceals many interesting and unexplored secrets. To discover its’ mysteries, to recognize local culture, traditions and nature, choose one of the tours in Georgia. The best way to learn more about Caucasus Mountains is to go to a trekking tour. More so, trekking in Georgia has its’ own special features which differs it of any other place on the Earth.

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