Tours to Georgia

Why Georgia?

Welcome to Georgia! It is a great opportunity to move from computer or laptop screens to the world of marvelous country by visiting tours to Georgia! This magical and colourful world is located in the central and western part of Transcaucasia. In the West it is surrounded by the Black sea, it borders with Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia. The capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, is a magnificent city that is famous for its beauty and infinite tourist attractions! If you look at night Tbilisi, your head will be turned by those vivid lights for several minutes! There are two main rivers in Georgia – Kura and Rioni. And what splendid lakes are Paravani, Tabatskuri, Keli and Ritsa! The river Rioni is almost a visiting card of all tours in Georgia – the biggest river of Transcaucasia! Rioni is the most full-flowing river that attracts attention of all ordinary and extreme tourists.

Variants of active rest in Georgia – rafting and trekking

We offer to your attention very interesting tours in Georgia, which include rafting and trekking. Well, what are they? Rafting is a wonderful kind of sport, when you are carried on waves by running water; it’s some kind of floating. You feel yourself like a fish which explores every corner of its river.
Trekking is sports pedestrian walk. That means you go on a new tour with minimal usage of transport. Believe, this is very pleasant tiredness, as landscapes of Georgia are so miraculous. You will forget even about sleep! Tours to Georgia include two or three-day rafting, and you will trek 45 or 60km long way! So, the river Rioni welcomes you to rafting in Georgia! At first it seems that you will float only on high waves, but in front we will meet: islands, hills, low billows (1m) and little valley with surprisingly clean water!
For trekking it is required to have good physical conditioning, because walking tours exhaust a little. Highly qualified trainers and guides will always be next to you, they will teach you basic principles of floating, rowing, climbing. You will quite easily perform them on practice! You could spend nights in comfortable hotel or tents observing stars. You could sing songs with guitar, joke or even play different games. Food is at the highest level! During the climbing we offer hot tea and sandwiches, on the ground – traditional meals and even shashlick!

Mountain skiing tours in Georgia

Gudauri is a ski resort on high mountains. There are steep hills for professionals and small hills for beginners. Everyone will find an activity to his taste. What is our route? Ternopil – Kiev – Sumy – Voronizh – Vladykavkaz – Gudauri. We will learn the sources, get to know the secret world of castles and fortresses. What could be more interesting?!
Tour-adventure in Karelia: rafting on the river Tumcha! These are crazy adventures on the water! Waters of Karelia attract us with its beauty! First days you will be taught to basis of activity on water and safety rules in taiga. We will visit authentic Georgian settlements, could communicate with Georgians and get to know much interesting about Georgia!
Legendary Kazbek waits exactly for you! This mountain has different names: Bashlam, Mkinvartsveri, Urskhoh. This tour is considered historical as after it you will become a real expert in this area. We will visit burial places and amazing cave, which has a large number of stories and legends!
If you want to plunge into picturesque world, in that case we welcome you to Georgia! Our tour club offers you a large number of tours that could be called healing. Judge for yourself – miracle air, endless trekking and rafting will make you happier and healthier! Georgia is a real health resort! That’s why mobrdzanditt (welcome)!

Imedi makvs, male shevhvdebit! (Hope to see you soon!)

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