Tours to Georgia

Incredibly beautiful mountains, rough rivers carrying their rushing water throughthe deep canyons, lovely Black Sea beaches, medieval castles and churches, ancient traditions and mysterious architectural landmarks, delicious food, infinity of appetizing fresh fruit, and the world-famous wine – that all is combined in Georgia.

That is a real El Dorado for lovers of the outdoor activities in Georgia. Hiking in Georgia suits every taste and means, it varies from the ordinary one just to admire the spectacular mountain scenery to more difficult such as climbing Kazbek – the highest mountain of the country. That place has a marvelous view of the famous Bezengi Wall known for its impregnability. Climbers from around the world are attracted by Svaneti beauty Ushba which is called “Matterhorn of the Caucasus”. There are rough rivers available for extreme white-water rafting in Georgia during entire warm season. The main rivers for lovers of the water drive are Rioni, Kura and Aragwi which allow rafting of different complexity and would be an amazing addition to hiking. And in winter ski resorts open their slopes for the thousands of tourists from all over the globe.

However, the natural wealth is not the only aspect that attracts travelers. Hardly any country can be proud of so many medieval architectural monuments. Majestic churches and monasteries that were built backin IX-XIIcentury can be seen even in small villages, forts that once used to be important outposts to defeat enemies on the wayare great museums now, colorful old houses in the old town of Tbilisi, with open verandas and winding stairs can dazzle anyone. Svaneti, is one of the most authentic parts of Georgia, known primarily for its guard towers, and breathtaking mountain scenery. And, of course, Georgian hospitality and tasty traditional cuisine will surely make positive impression of the journey.

We offer you to join our tours to Georgia:

Trekking, rafting + Kazbek

Tours to Georgia

This tour offers maximum impression in the shortest possible time – just two weeks, but you will be impressed as if after two-month vacation. Trekkingin Chaukhi mountain range to warm up, climbing Kazbek – the highest peak of Georgia, rafting the Rioni river, lot of sightseeing , visiting historical and natural attractions, and finally spending a day at Anaklia beaches – a daily intensive program opens new, unknown Georgia for you.

Costs: 470 $

Duration: 15 days

Trekking + Kazbek

Trekking in Georgia

Legendary Kazbek is one of the flagships of mountain Georgia. Hundreds of climbers, both beginners and professionals, come to Georgia to conquer it every year. So, we offer a short program, a final chord of which is a successful ascent of the highest peak of Georgia: first few days one should acclimatize by trekking and then climbing Kazbek. Tours to Mtskheta, Tbilisi, Gori, and a cave town Uplistsikhe add some brightness to the vacation.

Costs: 420 $

Duration: 11 days

Trekking + rafting (no Kazbek climbing)

Rafting in Georgia

This tour is an ideal offer for those who are not ready to storm “the five-thousandth” yet, but dream of long-lasting activity holidays. It includes trekking across Caucasian mountains with climbing 3500 meter-high passes, two days of rafting in Georgia, an excursion partwhich includes a visiting famous historical places and excursion sites, taking a walk in the capital – Tbilisi, and finally – a short holiday at the beaches of the Black Sea in Anaklia. During two weeks you will have the opportunity not just to go hiking but visit the numerous attractive parts of sunny Georgia, see its both tourist and real-life country and people with impressive unique culture and history.

Costs: 400 $

Duration: 13 days

Climbing Laila (Svaneti)

Trekking to Laila

Mount Laila’s tuneful name means “burning” in Svan language. And really it seems like burning in flame shimmering shades of red because of the sun at dawn. No other Georgian peak has such a beautiful 100-kilometer panoramic view of the Main Caucasian Ridge as the highest point of Svaneti.

Costs: 240 $

Duration: 6 days

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