Tours to Turkey

Holidays in Turkey intrigue travelers with the exotica. Incredible beautiful mountains, which occupy more than a half of the country, vast forests, desert landscapes of high mountains and the richness of Mediterranean greenery on the coasts, great canyons on the bottom of which there are icy streams, a lot of ancient monuments and ruins of ancient cities whose age is over two millennia, and eventually warm sea – Turkey is too versatile to find words to describe the beauty of this place.

Turkey is not only a great place for sunbathing. Trekking in Turkey opens its real, non- resort and hotel side for a traveler. Most of the country’s territory is occupied with mountains, so outdoor activities lovers have endless possibilities to have fun.

We are constantly working on expanding our tours in Turkey. At present we offer three main routes — cycling along the southern coast of Turkey, hiking along Lycian Way and its complicated version – with climbing a mountain Tahtali (2365 m):

Biketour near Antalya

Tours to Turkey

Eight days of a cycling trip away from the city opens new, unusual side of Turkey for you. There are stunning descents and protracted ascents, wide roads and narrow mountain paths all accompanied with incredible beautiful scenery of the coast and mountain ranges. You will see the ruins of the Lycian tombs that are over three thousand years old, the ancient amphitheater, old bridges and aqueducts, and discover a life of authentic Turkish villages and the hospitality of the locals.

Price: 300 $

Duration: 10 days

Trekking by Lician Way (basic version)

Holidays in Turkey

We invite you to have a walk along one of the most beautiful mountain routes in Turkey. There you can see small seaside town and coloring of authentic Turkish villages far deep in the mountains, ruins of ancient Lycia, get familiar with the fire-breathing Chimaera’s, eternal fires and beautiful hiking trails through Taurus Mountains. A clear warm water of the Mediterranean Sea, the sound of the surf in the evenings, exotic fruits and warm climate will make guests feel comfortable during the holidays of their lifetime.

Price: 200 $

Duration: 9 days

Trekking along Lician Way + climbing Tahtali

Climbing Tahtali

That is complicated version of hiking along Lycian Way. In addition to all the attractions of hiking along beautiful Lycia coast, you will climb to the top of the Turkish Olympus — Mount Tahtali, rom which you can see hundreds of kilometers of coast from Antalya to five islands of Besh Adalar and go through picturesque canyon Goynuk, where you can test your body for the strength and flexibility after eight days with a backpack.

Price: 240 $

Duration: 11 days

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