Hiking in Bulgaria: on mountain peaks to glacial lakes

What do you know about Bulgaria? Sunny country, gentle sea, sandy beaches. And if you look closely? Rich history, colorful culture and unique climate. And, of course, rocky mountains, mirror lakes, mysterious caves! Trekking in Bulgaria passes through the famous national parks Pirin and Rilla, among rocky canyons, pine forests and waterfalls. In the tour: • The most beautiful mountain ranges of Rilla and Pirin, • The highest mountain of the Balkan Peninsula is Musala (2925 m), • The famous Rila lakes, water bodies, the peaks of Vihren and Kutelev, • An interesting company and new impressions. Rilla tour: fountain-geyser, … Continue reading

Romanian Carpathians

Romania is a small part of the Balkans, a bit lost and so modest among tourist giant countries. But how much romance, mysticism, Medieval, unknown and fabulous it has! Active rest in the Romanian Carpathians – following the footsteps of the Teutonic Knights and Count Dracula The mountains in Transylvania are higher and rockier than in their neighbors, Ukrainian Carpathians. The trekking through the Romanian Carpathians is interesting, dynamic, and quite simple, does not require special equipment and sports training, and will suit even for beginners. And unique landscapes and exciting holidays will be remembered for a long time by … Continue reading

Tours to Turkey

Tour to Turkey

Hiking tours to Turkey is a way to see not only famous Turkish white sand beaches and five-star hotels. In fact, Turkey is much more beautiful. It is mountainous by 70%, blossoming by 100% and special by 80%. Try to compare prices for a passive holiday on Turkish beaches and prices for hiking in Turkey. The last one will save you a lot of dollars. And according to the brightness and quantity of views, tours to Turkey will surely hold the palm of leadership. Prices for hiking tours to Turkey depend on many factors. The main are the tour operator … Continue reading

Via Ferrata routes in Europe

What does «Via Ferrata» mean? The term “via ferrata” is translated from the Italian and means “iron track”. In fact, this is one of the types of mountaineering. It got its name, precisely because of safety ropes, metal braces fixed in the rock, cable crossings and bridges, making the movement along seemingly unassailable rocks – accessible even for those who have never tried themselves in the role as a climber. Along all the such area, there is a safety rope or chain, fixed by steel anchors at a certain distance from each other. Additional options are leg restraints in the … Continue reading

Trekking to the Gorgany mountains – a choice of instructors

One of the most mysterious mountain massifs of the Ukrainian Carpathians is Gorgany. They stretch from the northern-west to the southern-east with a stripe 70 km long and 40 km wide. The massif is located in the territory of the Transcarpathian and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. Steep asymmetric slopes are typical for Gorgany, as well as sharp ridges and scree of rocks that covers the peaks.

Why is it not worth climbing to the Goverla

The highest mountain in the Ukrainian Carpathians and in Ukraine in general is Goverla; its height is 2061 m above sea level. It is located in the Chornohora massif at the border between Transcarpathian and Ivano-Frankivsk regions, more precisely at the border of Nadvirniansky and Rahivsky district The mountain is located at the territory of the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve and the Carpathian National Nature Park. Through the mountains the old Polish-Czech border was laid,